Rapidly Changing CX Expectations
Email and SMS have been the primary B2C communications platforms since the mid-’80s. Apple’s smartphone was released in June 2007 with Android following a year later. Since then, no organisation or platform has been immune to the rapidly changing expectations of the hyper-connected mobile consumer.

SMS continues to have the highest delivery ubiquity and transactional messaging capability but lacks visual impact and can’t convey trusted brand messages or imagery. Email, on the other hand, has been the go-to platform for delivering brand visuals and business messaging for over 25 years. Email providers like *MailChimp, HubSpot* and InfusionSoft* made email easy to use and empowered marketers to communicate on mass at a relatively low ongoing cost of customer maintenance and acquisition.

Mobile adoption has shifted communications behaviours and consumer expectations. Email was not designed for mobile and although the volume of email continues to grow, email open rates are dropping to be on average about 20%, questioning emails relevance as a reliable tool for delivery of B2C communications and causing marketers to investigate platforms that can deliver.

MobileDigital’s SNIPER (**CPaaS)  software platform empowers organisations with the tools to supplement and or replace email communications previously delivered using platforms like MailChimp* et al. Our software empowers organisations to deliver superior direct to mobile communication experiences. SNIPER enables every organisation to individually, visually and emotionally engage clients on a 1:1 basis using the power of brand imagery and personalization, with the benefit of being able to guarantee that over 98% of messages are seen.
*HubSpot, MailChimp and InfusionSoft are trademarks

** CPaaS is an abbreviation for Communications as a Service Platform – CPaaS are cloud-based and allow developers to add communications capabilities to existing apps and enterprise systems without the need for network infrastructure or supporting interfaces –  with linkages achieved through SDK’s, API’s and Webhooks.

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