Cory Bernardi Testimonial

In the 2019 Australian Federal Election, The newly formed Australian Conservative party faced their first electoral challenge since Liberal Senator Cory Bernardi left the Liberals to form his own party in 2017. The party chose to use SNIPER as their interactive tool to drive engagement with the electorate. Senator Bernardi made the following comments about his party’s use of SNIPER.

“Getting your Key election message into the minds of voters is the aim of every political campaign. Being able to do so in a targeted and cost-effective manner can make all the difference.

The team at MobileDigital and their SNIPER system have game changing technology for all direct marketers….including political campaigners. With their help, our very modest campaign budget reached hundreds of thousands of targeted voters with a personalised message and generated tens of thousands of direct voter engagements.

SNIPER is one of the most cost-effective direct engagement tools and best of all it actually works. It drives responses and allows pinpoint message targeting on a mass scale.

As a start-up party, we only touched the surface of what SNIPER is capable of but I have no doubt it provides a scalable and effective messaging solution for every campaign.” – Senator Cory Bernardi

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