Add2Wallet Announcement


Add2Wallet has been designed to extend branding values and ongoing communication capabilities of SNIPER’s direct to mobile client marketing platform.  Add2Wallet extends SNIPER’s capability to enable storage of passes, offers and loyalty cards in the mobile client’s smartphone wallet. Add2Wallet then enables push capabilities such as reminders, updates and geolocation messaging to each individual pass added to the wallet. 

Core Features of Add2Wallet

  • Available for Apple Wallet and on Android through WalletPasses
  • Push message from within SNIPER to update offers and loyalty cards
  • Build branded passes within SNIPER
  • Your brand appears as unique tab in wallet
  • The reverse of the wallet pass can be established with 10 data tags that provide immediate information and detail useful to the receiver

The Process of Using Add2Wallet

Once the SNIPER user has determined the appropriate Add2Wallet Plan, your SNIPER access will be updated to include Add2Wallet functions. In addition, a unique identity will be created with each of the pass providers to establish the unique tab for your brand in the wallet. There is minimal establishment and setup time

When activated, all features for designing your wallet passes as well as push notifications will be available to you within the SNIPER Dashboard.

Training Videos and support are available and education can be provided at no charge online or onsite at billable rates.

SNIPER clients will be able to build wallet passes within the SNIPER platform and link those wallet passes to MMS communications using the new trackable link:

There are two core Add2Wallet offerings, with pricing for each payable on a monthly basis

  1. Promotional Passes, with a 3-month maximum time frame
  2. Loyalty and Club Passes, having a 12-month maximum time frame

The initial Add2Wallet offering must be in the form of an MMS, and unlimited SMS messages can be sent to remind receivers to store the pass for the offer in their wallet. Once a pass is stored in the wallet SNIPER users can then use the new Push to Wallet feature.

Push to wallet

Push to Wallet is a tool (available within SNIPER) that enables marketers to send push messages and or updates to their clients who have chosen to use the and store an offer or pass in their mobile phone’s wallet.

Core Features of push to wallet

  • The push to wallet function is a fully WYSIWYG tool
  • Push messages can be sent to active passes
  • SNIPER enables marketers to know which users have downloaded passes to either or Android Passes or the Apple Wallet
  • Passes can be fully updated with new information, and new imagery if required as push messages

The Process of Using push to wallet

Once a client has registered to use Add2Wallet, by authorising the appropriate forms with their business development manager or through the online support help, all users within that account will be given active access to Add2Wallet functionality located in the ADD ONS section.

Comprehensive videos are available to all customers to illustrate the process of sending push notifications at set times to active wallet passes.

Depending on the plan chosen, credits will be allocated monthly, and credits will be reduced each time a push message is sent.

Geolocation Notifications

SNIPER users have the capability to add GEO sensitive pre-set notifications when an Add2Wallet pass is created within SNIPER addons. Up to 10 geo locations can be linked to each pass, with the notification triggering to active passes when the pass holder is within 50 metres of any of the 10 pre-set locations.

Core Features of Geolocation Notifications

  • each pass when created can be linked to 10 pre-set geographic locations
  • when the pass is created within Add2Wallet, there is the capability to include a notification message that is automatically triggered and sent as a notification message to the passholder (if the pass is active) when the receiver is 50 metres from any of the pre-set locations determined on the pass
  • The pre-set notification message can be updated by editing the pass information and updating the pass by resending the same (edited pass) via push messaging

The Process of establishing and sending geolocation notifications

All users with access to Add2Wallet functionality can use the geolocation notifications. The pre-set geographic location notifications are sent directly to the active passes in the wallet and triggered by the location data that is input and stored on the pass, at the time when the pass is being constructed in SNIPER.

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