Brand Summit 2018

MobileDigital has been a member of ADMA since 2016. The ADMA Guidelines and Code of Practice binds all ADMA members and compliance with its principles is a mandatory condition of ADMA membership.

The ADMA Code of Practice is about conducting good business practice. In the era of data-driven marketing, the future expansion of the industry depends on consumer confidence in how marketers and advertisers conduct their business – especially around personal information and privacy.  As well, with more channels available, there is a greater onus on marketers to be seen as transparent, ethical and honest in their dealings with consumers.

The ADMA Code of Practice provides a principle-based, agile compliance framework that places consumers’ interests at its core and gives marketers the support and guidance they need to make responsible decisions about data, technology, creativity, content and customer experience.

ADMA Code of Practice 2018

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