SNIPER™ delivers two ways

Twilio in 2017 quoted that, over 89% of US smartphone users prefer to deal with businesses via instant messaging rather than a phone call. This data challenges current phone based B2C sales and support strategies like outbound telemarketing and inbound phone support.

In response to the changing expectations of retail consumers, MobileDigital has announced a major feature addition to the SNIPER Dashboard.

Clients can now send and receive Text messages within the platform.  All conversations are time stamped and tracked to the mobile number of the sender. All conversations are sent from the SNIPER users dedicated mobile number.  A complete history of all conversations is recorded within SNIPER.

Automatic replies can be set for out of hours. Received messages can trigger automatic responses and can also be forwarded to existing customer service teams within the organisation to deal with as well.

Response notifications are automatically highlighted in SNIPER Tab, and also in the Dashboard menu.

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