Add2Wallet Mobile Passes

SNIPER offers users the capability to incorporate our unique (Add2Wallet) functionality. This means that SNIPER users can design, send and track the behaviours of those who add offers, passes and loyalty cards to their phone wallet.

In order to use the Add2Wallet feature, you will need to contact your Business Development Manager or contact support through the SNIPER support portal. Activation of Add2Wallet can be established the same day. Support can walk you through the use of Add2Wallet, and there is also a comprehensive training video available for SNIPER users.

When you are ready to design your Add2Wallet, the whole design experience is WYSIWYG, (What you see is what you get) and this enables you to design your pass to be in line with your brand imagery. Colouring, backgrounds and text colouring can be established using your brand HEX code colour or by picking colours using a colour chart eye dropper feature.

There are three graphics incorporated into the wallet pass, as well as a comprehensive set of information able to be added to the back of the pass, 10 sub-headings with active links, and the addition of up to 10 specific geo tagged locations that will generate an automated notification message when the pass holder is within 50 metres of any of the 10 set locations.

Add2Wallet Design Considerations:
  1. The Icon (Shown on notification): 90×90 (pixels)
  2. The Logo (Top Left): Space Available: 250×90 (pixels), but apple advises this should be slightly narrower.
  3. The Background Image: 1125×432 (pixels) Note that the background image will scale down for smaller devices.

In the example here, you will see that we have mocked up a SNIPER wallet pass. The key here is to use the Logo, Background Image, and Background Colour of the pass to achieve maximum impact. In both Android and Apple devices, Wallet Passes created using SNIPER will be allocated their own tab, in the wallet.

Also, please remember when creating the pass the value of adding 10 bits of active information within the pass, and the value of the geo-location tags that can be created.

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